Sell YOUR Courses!


Are you an author? Have you written a course that you now wish to sell? We can help! We can convert written content into various elearning formats and publish them in our own store, onto Kindle and into other ebook formats.

Elearning Developers

Have you already written and built a course into an elearning format such as scorm, IMS, epub, HTML, Flash, etc?

We can help with:

  • supplying a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • attaching a shopping cart to your LMS to allow you to open your own store
  • publishing your courses into our own LMS and store, onto Kindle and into other ebook formats

Publishers/Course Vendors

If you already have elearning courses that you are selling online, then we can help you with your online marketing. We have built a dedicated elearning affiliate marketing network and can offer you competitive advertising rates. Talk to us about how we can add your course titles to our network and gain instant and highly qualified traffic from our rapidly growing partner network.

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